About karmatecture Inner West | karmatecture | Working with you, builders and local government to make your building dreams a reality
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about karmatecture – who, what, where & when


We have been trading under Prentice Design Pty Ltd for the past 15 years. Now with new premises in Dulwich Hill, we have taken the opportunity to rebrand with a new trading name more reflective of our ethos.

Commencing with taking over my father’s building design practice and sole trading as EHPS in 1996, Prentice Design Pty Ltd was formed in 2000.

Over that time we have helped many of our clients with the realisation of their new residential, commercial and industrial projects.


We work with you to design the places where you live, work and play.

We listen to your ideas, visions and dreams. We give those thoughts structure and direction.

The process of dealing with councils can be daunting. We have over twenty years of experience running a design practice in Sydney’s Inner West.

Our clients come to us looking for solutions to projects in residential, commercial and industrial categories. Heritage is a large part of working in the more established areas of Sydney.

From Ku-Ring-Gai in the north, Sutherland in the south, Camden in the west and to Woollahra in the east – our clients are all over Sydney. As we are based in the Inner West, a large number are from the Inner West. We have worked on projects in Brisbane, Moree, Southern Highlands, Tasmania and Fiji.

Are you looking for help with your next project? Contact us today.

Our Team

Greg Prentice, Director

B.A.Arch, B.Arch

I have always been involved in building.

My father, who ran a planning and design consultancy, would take me on to building sites from as early as I can remember. We were constantly renovating with me being a cheap source of labour.

Just before my 21st birthday I purchased the ultimate ‘renovators special’ which was a true trial by fire. We built it up, making up processes and learning all along the way, until we had renovated it into a beautiful little home. The thrill of transforming not only the look, but the sensorial quality of a place was a revelation to me.

It took me another 8 years, and another two renovation projects, until I was ready to take the plunge and enter career changing studies of Architectural Drafting at SIT then Architecture at UTS.

I started my own design practice when I was still only in second year of university and have been continuing since. Over the years I have worked collaboratively with a number of architects.

In 2015 we took over our new premises and decided to rename the practice based on the development of our direction, from prentice design to karmatecture. Our name is reflective of my belief that good architecture and building should have soul and carries with it a responsibility to be an agent of positive change not only for our clients, but also for the local community.