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Karmatecture moving house

After 3 1/2 years at our great little studio in Dulwich Hill, we are on the move.

We have found a new home at 11 Crinan Street, Hurlstone Park. It is at a point at which we can move in and save paying rent on two buildings, but will still benefit from proposed additional improvements. Parking is pretty good, some time restrictions apply, same as our current location and most of Sydney.

All of our contact details remain unchanged.

Don’t panic, I still live in Dulwich Hill and will continue to work for my clients on their many and varied projects in the area. Our new premises allow us a bit of extra security as our current property owner has been trying to sell the premises (not successfully so far, rather unusual sales methodology) and it left us uncertain as to where we may find premises.

If you are coming past please drop in to see us and have a chat. Our coffee situation has definitely improved with three very local cafes making good coffee.

karmatecture moving house