karmatecture Studio Project | karmatecture Inner West
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  • Initial concept Karmatecture Studio II

196A Denison Road, Dulwich Hill

About This Project

Our own studio project is located in the original ‘Peter’s Shop’ – a classic corner convenience store.


It is just around the corner from my home, where I had a studio that I previously worked out of. The old studio was a great space but being a ‘home occupation’ I was unable to employ someone to work in the office and working with contractors is a hit and miss affair.


We also wanted to share our work with the community whilst allowing for improved work efficiency with the inclusion of space to run a separate business to our home.


Our shopfront is floor to ceiling glass to engage with the community. Quite often we have childrens faces pressed up against the glass to see what is going on inside. I have a strong belief that work should be more visible as many in our community, especially the young, do not get a true sense of what adults actually do in their distant, segregated workspaces.


At the same time we changed our trading name from Prentice Design to Karmatecture to reflect our core belief that great design can enrich the soul and the community.