Mosman Heritage Renovation Project | karmatecture Inner West
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  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation
  • Mosman Heritage House Renovation

Dalton Road, Mosman

Heritage, Residential
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About This Project

Preserving the Past, Crafting the Future: A Heritage Renovation Story

Located within a heritage conservation area, Coromandel Cottage stands as a testament to a bygone era, its charm and character steeped in history. Yet, despite being  a listed heritage item, recent renovations in the late 1980s failed to honour the essence and proportions of this grand home.

Determined to restore its former glory, our team embarked on a mission to breathe new life into Coromandel Cottage while paying homage to its heritage. Our brief was to undertake alterations and additions that would not only respect the integrity of the original structure but also elevate it to meet the demands of modern living.

We transformed the ground floor, extended lower ground floor, an accentuated entry lyche gate, a side pavilion, and upgraded hard and soft landscaping that connect with the surrounding environment. Exterior pergolas were designed to provide shade and shelter, while a new stair and interior reconfiguration to enhance the flow and functionality of the space.

Recognizing the need for additional living space, we designed a new upper floor master bedroom suite that would nestle comfortably within the existing roof envelope. Sympathetic adjustments to the roof were designed to allow for ample light and ventilation, and a luxury master bedroom.

The goal was to create a large, comfortable home of the highest quality, reflective of the discerning tastes of the local market. With Development Approval granted and minimal conditions to meet, construction commenced on the various and somewhat separated components of the design.