Before, during and what is to come - Clovelly project progress
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Clovelly Transformation

Clovelly Transformation

Clovelly is a vibrant and energetic beachside haven, that has long been overlooked with the glamour and attention going to neighbouring Tamarama. Not anymore, with the high slopes giving the perfect heritage protected panorama to the ocean over Brotne Cemetery.

What was once a fairly unloved three-bedroom, one-bathroom cottage has undergone a remarkable transformation into a four-bedroom, two-bathroom sanctuary filled with natural light.

Nestled as one half of a charming semi-detached cottage development, this home has been a cherished part of our client’s life since 2001. While the neighborhood has seen changes over the years, this gem has remained largely untouched, until now.

With a keen eye for maximizing its potential, we’ve reimagined the layout to capture the breathtaking ocean and area views. By shifting bedrooms to the rear and opening up the front for spacious living, dining, and kitchen areas, every inch of this home now basks in the warmth of the north-eastern sun.

Gone are the days of a dark and dreary center; in its place stands a magnificent stairwell that invites natural light to dance through the heart of the home. Upstairs, a bridge separates the bedrooms, with the master suite boasting panoramic views of the south and east.

Step inside, and you’ll discover a tapestry of unique features that set each room apart. From the witches peak roof line in the master bedroom to the built-in desk bay windows in the upper-floor guestroom, every detail has been carefully crafted to create a home that’s as distinctive as it is inviting.

Completed in April 2019, this transformation is a testament to our commitment to creating spaces that inspire and delight.

Almost complete in this photo-just awaiting the plants and safety fencing.

project progress in clovelly
During construction-we had to work with the form of the original form of the cottage at the front, and even the raised roof section reflects the roof pitch and the height lines in the street.
Clovelly architectural redesign renovation
At the start of construction.
These homes were not really built to last and this cottage needed a lot of work to ensure it will last.
project progress in clovelly
Fresh orientation of the living areas make the best of the great aspect and the expansive view.
Door to connect to the newly created living space on top of then garage, and seating bay window in the double height space make the most of the location.
project progress in clovelly
This is where raising the corner of the roof to the master bedroom upstairs really works.
project progress in clovelly
Our cottage seamlessly connects to the rear yard, offering access to this private, tranquil retreat. Unlike its neighboring buildings, our design strikes the perfect balance, enhancing the outdoor space without overpowering it.

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