Big Little House in Dulwich Hill | karmatecture Inner West
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Inner West Transformation

Dr Who’s TARDIS has long been a wonder to the legion of fans of the iconic show.

It asks the question of how do you define the relativity of space, when something may seem small on the outside, yet open up to reveal a surprising wealth of space on the inside?

It seems as though, with a bit of help from K-9 and a sonic screwdriver, that we are going to achieve a similar result with this property in Dulwich Hill-the beating heart of the Inner West.

When we first met this building it was a small, poky one bedroomed semi-detached cottage in what a real estate agent would call ‘original condition’. Bucket loads of patina.

Our brief was to keep the charm of the streetscape whilst delivering a comfortably proportioned inner city cool cottage. Extra bedrooms were a must for this new family, giving them the potential to live her for many years. Big ask for a site area of 116m2. We also had to be able to work sympathetically with the cottage, and its adjoining semi.

Our project will now have two bedrooms and a bathroom (squeezed under the roof) upstairs. On the ground floor we have a lounge/3rd bedroom, bathroom, kitchen living area and an outdoor entertaining area.

To make the spaces flow we have a limited pallet of materials inside-polished concrete, white painted plasterboard and timber stairs. Outside we have the original sandstock bricks, sheet steel roofing, honed/sealed concrete, rendered plaster, red cedar boards and a collection of primary coloured deep metal framed windows.

Harmonious spaces created with a carefully curated palette of materials designed to enhance every corner of the home. Modern elegance of polished concrete floors, crisp white painted plasterboard walls, and the warmth of timber stairs, creating a welcoming ambiance that flows effortlessly from room to room. Old meets new, but serve to highlight the other.

Externally the timeless charm of original sandstock bricks are complemented by sheet steel roofing and honed/sealed concrete surfaces that exude sophistication. Sleek lines of rendered plaster and the natural beauty of red cedar boards, perfectly accented by a collection of primary-colored deep metal-framed windows that add a touch of personality.

Call Greg from KARMATECTURE STUDIO on 0412 013 627 or email [email protected]